Starting a Business? Top Commercial Insurance Policies to Consider

Insurance Policies Every Entrepreneur Should Consider


Starting a business is an exciting – albeit scary – adventure. Perhaps you’ve noticed an untapped market or people have recently responded to your talents and you’re ready to make some money. Either way, you’ve taken the leap of faith to start your own business. For a brand new business owner, there are a few considerations before you open the doors. One of them being business insurance on Long Island, NY. To help you cover the essentials, consider these three insurance policies.


  1. Business owner’s policy

A business owner’s policy (otherwise known as a BOP) is a policy that is ideal for small and start-up businesses. It combines the protection of general liability insurance and property insurance into one neat policy. What’s more, it is often incredibly affordable. It covers third-party lawsuits over bodily injury and property damage, product liability lawsuits, theft, vandalism, and more.


  1. Cyber liability insurance

If your business operates online, it needs cyber liability insurance. You can never be too careful when working online, and that means taking steps to prevent malware and phishing scams from accessing sensitive data. If the worst does happen, cyber liability insurance can be there to pick up the pieces. In this digital age, cyber disasters are never too far – so be sure to consider cyber liability insurance.


  1. Commercial auto insurance

Is your business on the move? If you drive a company-owned vehicle or drive your personal vehicle for work-related purposes, then you will need a commercial auto insurance policy. Your personal car coverage will not protect your work journeys or vehicles.


This isn’t an exhaustive list of business insurance policies to consider – just the ones that your new business can immediately benefit from. When you’re ready to find reliable insurance for your business, the team at Premier Risk Insurance are here to help! We serve Long Island and neighboring cities in New York – Contact us to get started today.

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