Life Insurance


What You Need to Know About Private Placement Life Insurance

Individuals worth several million dollars require a more complex type of insurance policy that protects their financial assets and reduces their taxable obligations in the process. By investing a large percentage of their holdings in a private placement life insurance policy, they can reduce the amount of taxable property they have at their disposal. What Is Private Placement Life Insurance?

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Frequently Overlooked Features of Life Insurance Policies

When it comes to meeting the needs of those who are financially dependent on you, life insurance on Long Island, NY comes in handy. As one of the most important financial planning tasks to complete, many homeowners take out coverage without giving it a second thought. As a result, many policyholders tend to overlook features of life insurance policies that they

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Financial Tips for When You Reach Your 60s

Older people have plenty to think about when it comes to finance. Retirement, pensions, insurance, and bills – it can all seem overwhelming. However, it’s essential that we monitor and manage our money as we head into later life so that we can become more financially stable in our golden years. Heading into our 60s is a great time to

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3 Reasons Why Life Insurance Won’t Pay Out

One of the largest concerns policyholders have about taking out a life insurance policy is the risk of it not paying out. Life insurance is designed to pay out a lump sum to your beneficiaries when you die, giving you peace of mind that they are protected. While clauses do exist that restrict payouts, it is very rare that life

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