Don’t leave your business vulnerable to liability threats; protect your company by getting the right general liability insurance.

Even if you have protective measures in place, it’s near impossible to eliminate your business’s liability risks.  Whether it’s the risk of a customer injuring themselves on your business’s premises, an angry client filing a lawsuit, or a vengeful ex-employee making a claim against your company, the risk of a major lability suit is ever constant.  In this increasingly litigious world, commercial general liability insurance is not something your business can afford to overlook.

If your company is found legally responsible for causing third-party bodily injury, property damages, and other losses, then you will be held liable for these damages and may be subject to a lawsuit.  Commercial liability insurance will cover the costs associated with these claims, including a claims investigation, medical expenses, property repairs, legal fees, and settlement costs.  Keep in mind that general liability insurance policies do have coverage limits, so if you face a particularly extensive claim, then your policy will provide coverage up to its limits.

Even if you have the strictest safety protocols, the most intensive training programs, and have never faced a liability issue in the past, this does not mean that your business is immune.  One slip, a misplaced comment, or some other seemingly minor issue might be enough to spark a liability claim.  Because you cannot predict exactly what might garner a lawsuit, you cannot always take preventative measures.  The only way to adequately protect your business is with the right general liability insurance.

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