If your company requires the transportation of goods and/or merchandise over water, then make sure you have the protection you need with ocean marine insurance.

As our planet is primarily covered in water, the ocean provides one of the oldest and most popular transport conduits in the world.  However, any number of things can go awry when you’re on the water.  If the cargo that your business transports is damaged or lost in transit, then your company’s operations are bound to be negatively impacted.  This is why your business requires the protections that only ocean marine insurance can offer.

Ocean marine insurance is a must-have coverage for marine service providers (shipyards, builders, repairmen, dealers, terminal operators, stevedores, etc.), marine transportation providers (those that operate a water vessel), and businesses dependent on overseas shipping (commodities traders, freight forwarders, importers and exporters, manufacturers, etc.).  Some of the key coverages associated with this type of insurance are cargo coverage that protects the goods being transported, damage coverage for the vessels involved in the shipment, and legal liability coverage for any issues that may arise during the course of the shipment.

It’s important to understand that ocean marine insurance extends to cover shipments that take place in both domestic and international waters.  Additionally, this type of insurance also offers coverage when products are transported overseas via plane.  Ocean marine coverage ends as soon as the products continue their journey over land via truck or train.

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