Motorcyclists know that there are potential risks around every bend. This is why it’s so important to have the protections that only motorcycle insurance can provide.

Most motorcyclists love the feeling of freedom that comes from riding their bikes on the open road.  With the sun warm on your back, the wind whipping at your face, and the world blurring around you, it can be easy to overlook the dangers that you face.  Unfortunately, it’s important to remember that motorcyclists face a significantly higher risk for accident, injury, and death than other drivers.  This is why it’s vital for bikers to have the proper motorcycle insurance protections in place.  Read on to learn more about what this essential type of coverage can do for you.

In simple terms, motorcycle insurance provides financial protection in the event that accident, theft, damages, or other losses take place.  A standard motorcycle insurance policy will include liability coverages, such as bodily injury liability and property damage liability, to cover the costs associated with an accident that you are legally liable for.  These coverages will also cover your legal and settlement expenses in the event that you are sued for damages.

In addition to these standard coverages, there are also a wide variety of optional coverage types that you have access to.  For instance, you have the ability to add coverages such as collision, comprehensive, medical payments, and under/uninsured motorist to ensure that the cost of the injuries and damages that you sustain during an accident do not come out of your own pocket.  Finally, motorcyclists can also get coverage to replace their entire bike and any special upgrades or equipment if they are stolen or severely damaged.

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