Just because you are living in a rental space doesn’t mean that you are free of risk. Protect yourself with the coverage that only renters insurance can provide.

If you are currently renting a home, apartment, or other living space, then you might believe that getting insurance is not your responsibility.  While it’s true that the owner of your rental space is responsible for insuring the physical structure of your residence, you might be surprised to learn that you are personally accountable for insuring the things you keep inside your rental.  In addition to personal property protection, you also need coverage for your personal liability risk as well.  The best way to secure the protection that you need is with the right renters insurance policy.

Renters insurance offers a set of insurance coverages that are specifically designed to meet a tenant’s unique needs.  To start, renters insurance provides coverage for your personal property.  Should your belongings sustain damage during a break-in, fire, extreme weather event, or so on, then your renters policy would provide compensation to address these losses.  In addition to this coverage, renters insurance also offers personal liability protection for you and your loved ones.  This coverage will offer financial protection in the event that a family member (or pet) causes bodily harm or property damage to another party.

In addition to these coverages, renters insurance policies also offer coverage for temporary living expenses.  This type of insurance kicks in when a rented space becomes temporarily uninhabitable due to major damages to the structure.  If you are forced to live elsewhere while your rental receives the necessary repairs, then temporary living expenses insurance will cover this cost.  For instance, this insurance can reimburse you for relocation expenses, hotel costs, and even restaurant bills.

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