Will My Renters Insurance Policy Cover Flood Damage?

The standard renters insurance typically excludes flood damage caused by weather events. For instance, if, due to heavy rains, a nearby river bursts its banks, flooding your rented property and damaging your possessions, renters ...

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What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Liability Insurance in NY

Just like other states, motorcycle accidents in NY that cause injury to passengers or pedestrians can attract substantial bodily injury claims against the rider. Even when such a crash doesn’t injure any third party, there is ...

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Do Independent Contractors Need Workers’ Comp Insurance in NY?

All employers in New York State, including independent contractors, are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The policy can come from the New York State Insurance Fund, self-insurance, or a private insurance ...

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Understanding Unemployment Insurance and How It Has Evolved Post-Pandemic

Through its various unemployment insurance programs, the US Department of Labor provides unemployment benefits to eligible unemployed workers for up to 26 weeks. These benefits help laid-off workers get by during difficult ...

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Insurance for Modular Homes: What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever considered buying a modular home in New York, you may wonder if you can protect it with a standard homeowners’ insurance plan. The answer is yes since many insurance companies don’t differentiate ...

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4 Effective Ways to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs

As an employer, one of your priorities should be to keep your employees safe and reduce your workers’ compensation costs. A safe work environment will allow your employees to focus on their work and be as productive as ...

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Ways Business Insurance Can Save Your Company

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. From sales to final decisions to hiring and daily operations, there are many choices you have to make daily. When it comes to commercial insurance, the decision fatigue can kick in, ...

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A Quick Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance in NY

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, about 17 percent of businesses must carry workers’ compensation due to hiring at least one employee. Coverage can be customized to reflect your company size and workplace ...

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Do I Need Homeowners’ Insurance in NY?

Homeowners’ insurance is capable of helping you secure the financial investment you have made in your home or condo. By paying monthly (or yearly) premiums, you are guaranteed to be reimbursed for any damages to your ...

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