A Quick Guide to Workers’ Compensation Insurance in NY

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, about 17 percent of businesses must carry workers’ compensation due to hiring at least one employee. Coverage can be customized to reflect your company size and workplace ...

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Do I Need Homeowners’ Insurance in NY?

Homeowners’ insurance is capable of helping you secure the financial investment you have made in your home or condo. By paying monthly (or yearly) premiums, you are guaranteed to be reimbursed for any damages to your ...

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Important Factors That Can Influence Your Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance premiums differ from person to person. No two people have the same health condition, occupation, habits, and personal characteristics. Because of each person’s unique circumstances, policies must be evaluated ...

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How to Find Insurance for Old Vehicles in NY

Finding auto insurance in NY can be a difficult process. Things become even more complicated when you are looking for car insurance for an old vehicle. While you might feel that having an old car is a disadvantage, there are a ...

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A Quick Guide to Machinery Breakdown Insurance

As the name implies, machinery breakdown insurance pays for the repair and replacement of machines as well as the financial losses incurred in case of a breakdown. For instance, if a power surge damages your computers halting ...

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Products-Completed Operations Coverage Explained

As a business owner, you are exposed to multiple risks. Having the right policies in place can prevent legal action from occurring. If you sell different products, you need to know about products-completed operations insurance. ...

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8 Critical Steps to Consider When Buying Life Insurance in NY

Many New Yorkers with life insurance draw appreciable peace of mind from taking out this policy on their loved ones. The protections are worth the investment, but it’s important that you select the right coverage type for ...

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Business Insurance in NY: Your Ultimate Guide

Small and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 95% of all businesses in New York (NY). Similar to other businesses across the U.S., these businesses face myriad challenges, including, among others, inadequate funding, ...

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Top Benefits of Life Insurance for Women

Believe it or not, but fewer women than men have life insurance. Not only that, but the death benefit is also well below that of men – about 22 percent less. Yet, women have become increasingly dominant players in today’s ...

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