Inland Marine Insurance for Small Businesses: How It Works?

As a small business owner, you may already have insurance coverage for your property and equipment. However, have you considered the risks associated with property that is frequently on the move? This is where inland marine ...

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What Is Covered by Your Renters Insurance?

As a renter, it is important to protect your belongings and yourself in the event of unexpected circumstances. This is where renters insurance comes into play. However, what exactly does renters insurance cover? In this blog ...

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How Does Life Insurance Policy Work When Someone Passes?

When someone we love passes away, it can be difficult to think about the practicalities of dealing with the aftermath. However, there is a financial aspect to consider, and life insurance is one way to help ensure your loved ...

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Commercial Auto Vs. Personal Auto Insurance: What You Need to Know

When it comes to purchasing auto insurance, there are two main types to choose from: commercial and personal. While they both provide financial protection to drivers in the case of an accident, there are important differences ...

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Should Companies Lease or Buy Their Fleet of Vehicles?

As a business owner, you’re constantly searching for ways to minimize risks while maximizing profits. Perhaps you rely on vehicles to provide an essential service to your customers. Purchasing commercial auto insurance is ...

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Why Are Home Inspections So Important?

Home inspections are valuable tools people can use to learn the actual condition of their home before they buy it. Inspections are performed by licensed contractors who are certified to evaluate your home’s structures and ...

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Safety Tips to Keep Your Employees Out of Harm’s Way in the Winter

The winter months pose a few hazards you won’t find during the summer. If you’re an employer, it’s up to you to make sure your employees are safe while they are at work. Some precautions are much easier to take ...

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Driving in Icy Conditions? Check Out These Safety Tips

Driving in winter increases the risk of accidents due to wet and slippery roads. Ideally, you’ll have a choice not to drive in severe weather. However, if you do have to drive through snow and ice, make sure you take all ...

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Why Homeowners Insurance Is Required to Sell a Home in Long Island, NY

You might be thinking about whether you need homeowners insurance when selling a home. The answer is yes, you need homeowners insurance for the home you are going to sell which will cover you until you sell it. However, the type ...

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