Understanding what life insurance is not.


Are you confused when it comes to life insurance on Long Island, NY? If so, you’re not alone. It can be a daunting and confusing policy to get your head around, and sometimes that information can be misunderstood. To help, we’ve rounded up a few things that life insurance is not so that you can get a better understanding of coverage.


Life insurance through work is generally not enough.

Policies through work are a great benefit to have but are usually limited to one or two-times your salary. Plus, the coverage typically ends when your employment there does. Unfortunately, for most families, this coverage is not enough to cover the mortgage, childcare, education costs, funeral expenses, and remaining debt. Most people need to take out a personal policy in addition to their work coverage.


Life insurance is not a luxury item.

Many people don’t consider life insurance as necessary, usually because they think that the price of a policy is more than it actually is. Young people, in particular, overestimate the cost of a term policy by the factor of five! Life insurance can be affordable for all and, most of the time, is less than what you think it costs.


Life insurance is not just for healthy people.

Although life insurance is less expensive the younger and healthier you are, that doesn’t mean it’s solely for healthy people. Life insurance can be valuable at all stages of life and for all types of health conditions.


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