4 Ways to Turn Stress into Something Positive

Turn Tension in Positive Energy


Are you feeling stressed with everything going on? The COVID-19 pandemic is sure to cause anyone stress. It has changed the way we live our lives and even how we do our weekly grocery shop. While we tend to think of stress as something negative, in reality, a little bit of stress is good for us. However, chronic stress hurts us mentally and physically. To help turn your excess stress into something positive, here are a few tips.



There couldn’t be a blog about stress and it not include exercise. Physical activity releases endorphins in the body and pumps more oxygen into the brain, which can help to manage anxiety and depression. Ensure you’re getting plenty of exercise every day to reap the benefits.


Eat a healthy diet

Consuming a lot of sugar or alcohol will lead your body not being able to tolerate psychological stressors. To benefit your mind and body, choose to fill up on whole, unprocessed foods with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Opt to drink water instead of alcohol for hydration and the ability to manage stress better.


Learn to let go

If you have a heavy workload or money/relationship worries, it makes you feel out of control. This feeling only leads to more stress. The more we fight to control a situation, the more stressed it can make us. Accept that it’s not possible to control every situation in life. Take a breath and let it go for instant stress relief.


Be present and mindful

Stress is usually related to our past and future, either worrying about what we’ve done or what we need to do. Take a moment to appreciate this moment, right now. The more often you can live in the present, the less stressed you may be.


These tips can help you feel less stressed throughout the day. At Premier Risk, we understand that this is a stressful and troubling time for us all. For the peace of mind that your finances are protected, contact us to secure reliable insurance today.