5 Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Essential Car Maintenance Tasks to Do

As Americans, we love a good road trip. Whether it’s exploring new destinations or heading to our annual resort destination, we all know that summer is the time for road trips. While your bags may be packed and the hotel is booked, it’s wise to consider your set of wheels. Is your car ready for summer? Will it survive a long road trip ahead? To prepare your vehicle for the summer fun, remember to do these essential maintenance tasks.

Get your oil and oil filter changed

Car maintenance 101 is to change your oil regularly. The oil works to keep the engine parts lubricated while the filter works to capture harmful debris, dirt, and metal fragments that have worked their way up into the oil system. A clean filter means cleaner oil – which means a happier engine!

Top up the fluids

Seasonal weather changes can result in low transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and even windshield wiper fluid. Pop open the hood and top up these fluids as necessary. Coolant, in particular, is especially important to keep an eye on before the heat of the season.

Top up the tires

Your tires are always deserving of a good check-up. Depending on the outside temperature, tires lose or gain pressure daily. Make sure your tires are topped up with the correct air pressure before a summer road trip – and don’t forget the spare!

Give it a clean

A clean car is more than just the aesthetics of it. Grime has a tendency to build up over time and if your windshield wiper is thick with dust and dirt, it can make driving in low sun difficult. Keeping the exterior clean can also protect the paintwork from the sun’s rays.

Take care of passengers

It’s warming up out there. Make sure everyone stays hydrated while on the journey. Remember that it only takes a few minutes for the interior of a car to heat up to oven temperatures on a warm day. Never ever leave children or pets in a parked car.

These maintenance tasks will help ready your vehicle for summer! When you’re looking for quality car insurance, trust the experts at Premier Risk, LLC. We have years of experience matching the right auto policy to the motorist, tailoring it to your needs, budget, and vehicle. Contact us today on Long Island, New York to get started!