Accidents happen. Sometimes, accidents happen frequently. Whether you’re a bad driver or an unlucky driver, you may need to make multiple car insurance claims in a year. If you’re about to file your second one of the year, it’s worth knowing how many you can make within the year. Take a look at how many claims you can file on your car insurance on Long Island, NY per year.

Annual Car Insurance Claims Limit

The good news is that most insurance companies have no specific limit for general claims. As long as you continue to make the premium payments and only file for legitimate problems, you should have valid car insurance with which you can make claims.

What you should be aware of, however, is that most insurance companies do have limits on at-fault insurance claims. If you have two or more at-fault insurance claims within a three-year period, then your insurance company may label you with a ‘multiple claims’ status. As a result, your car premiums will rise and your policy may not be renewed.

Generally, if you are making legitimate claims for covered incidents that were not your fault, then there is no real downside to filing multiple car insurance claims. However, keep in mind that no claim is ‘free’. You will be required to pay your deductible before the insurance coverage kicks in to help. This could range between $250 and $1000, depending on your policy. It’s also important to remember that your insurance premiums may rise every time you make a claim.

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