Data Breach Prevention Tips

Ways to Prevent a Data Breach in Your Business

Data breaches can happen to businesses of any size. You don’t need to be a giant retailer to have your business data to be stolen and used maliciously. Cybersecurity is more important than ever because of breaches occurring in more and more businesses – of all sizes. The danger is not isolated to specific industries or businesses of a certain size; everyone is at risk. As a result, many companies have begun to improve their plans in the event of an incident. For top data breach prevention tips and information on how insurance in Long Island, NY can help, read on.

Focus on Employee Training

Data shows the 60 percent of all cybersecurity breaches were the result of inside errors. Employees are one of your biggest security risks when it comes to data breaches. Proper training and step-by-step protocols are needed to ensure compliance with related systems and practices. Take the time to educate your employees about cybersecurity risks and teach them how to recognize suspicious phishing schemes or activities.

Limit Access to Importance File

The more people who have access to information, the more it is likely to fall into the wrong hands. Limit the ability for employees to make mistakes by implementing tiered access and administration privileges. Ensure that each employee only has the ability to access sensitive information when completely necessary. Also, encourage your employees to create strong passwords.

Be Diligent About Data Backup, Storage, and Disposal

All data transfers should have the same level of security at the moment the data was captured. Create a system for backing up only the most necessary data through encrypted files while properly and completely deleting all unneeded data.

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