Do I Really Need to Buy Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycles are just like any other vehicle on the road. Motorcycle riders have the same responsibilities as other drivers. If you go for a ride without any insurance on your bike, you are basically putting yourself in the same situation as an uninsured motorist. Adding a motorcycle policy to your bundle of other policies will save you money in the long run. Without it, you would be responsible for any damages or injuries that would be caused if you were involved in an accident of any kind. Insurance on any type of motorized vehicle, whether it has four wheels, two wheels, or more, is required in every state except for one (Florida).

How Can Motorcycle Insurance Help Save Money?

Just like with auto insurance policies, most states require some type of motorcycle insurance policy to be in place before you take your bike out on the road. If you are pulled over and can’t provide valid proof of insurance, you could face a hefty fine plus lose your license for a specific amount of time. You will need to talk to your insurance agent to determine your state limits when purchasing a motorcycle insurance policy.

Why Is Motorcycle Insurance Important?

Motorcycle insurance is essential because it protects you and other people on the road. It covers damages to your property and bodily injuries. Depending on the severity of the accident, it may also pay for the amount of time a person is off work because of the accident. Even though motorcycles are generally safe, having motorcycle insurance is the best way to pay for your investment. With a good policy in place, you will save money on premiums and any possible repairs needed. Having a quality motorcycle insurance policy in place will also give you the peace of mind to know you are fully covered while you are on the road.

Who Needs Motorcycle Insurance?

Everyone who owns a motorcycle needs a quality motorcycle policy to protect themselves and others while they are on the road. Even if you own the motorcycle and someone else rides it, you must have a policy in place before the bike is taken on the road. Motorcycle insurance is especially beneficial for new riders who are still learning how to operate their motorcycle safely. It’s important to know the policy is there to protect you if you inadvertently make a mistake or lose control unexpectedly. Every rider has an

obligation to purchase a motorcycle insurance coverage that will protect them and others at all times.

Motorcycle insurance is essential for anyone who loves to explore the world on two wheels. You want to provide yourself with a policy that will offer you the protection you want and deserve. Call our agents at Premier Risk, LLC to get started on your customized policy today.