Easy Ways Your Business Can Go Green for Earth Day!

Going Green for Earth Day and Every Day

When it comes to sustainability, green is definitely the new black. With Earth Day right around the corner, (April 22nd), going green should be your priority. Business owners across the country are looking for ways to make their office more green and environmentally friendly. Here are a few easy ways you can create a more sustainable workplace.

  • Turn off appliances when not in use
  • Set up a recycling area and educate your team members on how to sort materials into the right recycling bin
  • Add some plants to the office. Plants help to brighten up your workplace, emit oxygen, and even reduce air pollution.
  • Start using more green materials. Look for products that are labeled recycled, sustainable, biodegradable, or green.
  • Make your business more energy efficient. The less energy you have to use to heat or cool your building, the better.
  • Recycle used electronics.
  • Think before you print documents. Reduce paper waste by sharing documents electronically rather than printing them out.
  • Provide reusable dishes, silverware, and eliminate straws to cut down on the waste in the breakroom.
  • Encourage employees to explore new ways of commuting to work, whether that be carpooling or cycling to work.

Earth Day will come and go, but all of the above suggestions can be done every day of the year, and they are easy to implement. Make Earth Day every day at your business. For the business insurance you need for your green company, talk to the team at Premier Risk Insurance today.