Three Email Security Tips for Small Businesses

With employees working from home and digital communication being more important than ever, emails have become a staple across every business. Internal and external communication through email has never been more important. While we rely on emails more and more in businesses, cybercriminals are taking this opportunity to hack into businesses and access valuable information. Small businesses are particularly at risk because they tend to have limited defenses in place – and hackers know that.

Safeguarding Your Business’s Email

  1. Use a strong password

Most people know that a strong password is essential to keeping email secure, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate this fact. Most email providers require that your password meet certain minimum requirements, like character count and the use of special characters. Avoid using anything predictable and encourage your team to memorize the passwords rather than writing them down.

  1. Train your team

Hackers are getting more creative in their ways to fool you. Some of their websites and emails can appear incredibly legitimate. However, you can train your team to spot red flags, such as a link with HTTP instead of HTTPS – the ‘s’ standing for secure. If a link doesn’t have an ‘s’, do not click on it. Always ensure your staff only open and respond to legitimate emails, and if something doesn’t sound quite right, pick up the phone and call the sender.

  1. Encrypt sensitive information

If you have to send sensitive information through emails, it’s best to encrypt it to be sure it’s safe. When you encrypt something, it means you disguise the information so that hackers can’t read it. Free encryption apps are available for your business to use.

Another great way to protect your business is to secure cyber liability insurance which steps in to help your business when a cyber attack occurs. When you’re ready to find the right coverage, the team at Premier Risk Insurance are here to help! We serve Long Island and neighboring cities in New York – Contact us to get started today.