Essential Things to do Before Leaving for Vacation

Remember These Tasks Before Heading Out on Vacation

Vacations are one of the best ways to spend memorable times with friends and family members. If you’re planning a summer trip with your loved ones, then there are a few important things you need to do before you go. It’s all too easy to let some of the ‘to-dos’ slip through the cracks which may ruin your vacation. Even though your bags are packed and your electronics are charged and ready for the journey, be sure to complete these tasks before leaving for vacation.

Make copies of your important items.

Before going on the trip, you should carry your money and documents carefully. Keep copies of your credit cards and passport with you. If you lose the physical items on your trip, at least you’ll have paper copies or scanned copies in your email.

Ask a neighbor for help.

Leaving your home alone for a few days may not seem like a big deal, but it’s Murphy’s Law that anything that can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible moment. The quickest way to ruin your vacation is to come home to find there’s been a burst pipe in the house or that thieves have broken in. Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check in on the house often to ensure all is well.

Invest in a timer.

Nothing signals that a home is vacant like one with the lights continually off. Deter burglars by putting timers on lights in different rooms. Set them to go on at various times throughout the day and night so that it looks like someone is home to turn them on and off.

Check up on your insurance.

Knowing what your insurance policies (car, home, renters) cover could save you both time and money if something does happen while you’re away. Review your coverage before you go for the peace of mind that you’re protected.

Once you’ve checked these items off your list, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done your part to keep your property safe and sound. For all of your quality insurance policies, contact Premier Risk Insurance today.