Tips to Help You Navigate the Life Insurance Medical Exam 

When you’ve decided on a life insurance policy, your application may require you to complete a medical exam. Insurers like to get a better understanding of your health when determining your policy and how much you’ll pay in premiums. To help you pass the medical exam with flying colors and land affordable premiums, read on.

  • Eat healthily

At least a week before your appointment, start making healthy food choices (if you don’t already). Drink a lot of water, skip the fast food, cut back on the processed foods, and aim to eat more fruit and vegetables.

  • Cut down on alcohol and caffeine

If you can avoid alcohol, your blood test will show that you don’t have alcohol onboard, which will look better to the insurers. Cutting back on the caffeine can also help to improve your blood pressure results, too.

  • Quit smoking

For some, this will be a large hurdle to cross. If the health risks aren’t enough to make you ditch the habit, making life insurance premiums will. In most cases, the exam will be able to tell whether you’re a smoker, but you can work to improve your health (and premiums) by choosing today to cut out the habit.

  • Fast on exam day

It’s typically recommended that you don’t eat for at least 12 hours prior to any exam that will involve drawing blood work. Food of any kind can skew the results of your blood work. You can talk to your doctor about whether or not to fast beforehand.

  • Don’t lie

Your health will be represented in black and white so the insurers will know if you’ve lied about smoking or your health. Also, don’t leave out any medical history, even if it seems irrelevant.

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