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4 Benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance Often Missed

If you own a business that relies on vehicles for daily operations, you already know the importance of commercial auto insurance. It’s a legal requirement in many places and provides crucial protection in case of accidents or damage to your company vehicles. However, you might not be aware of the hidden benefits of a commercial auto insurance policy. Let’s uncover

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Auto Insurance: Does It Pay for Items Stolen From Inside Your Car?

If you own a vehicle, you must have auto insurance. It covers your financial losses caused by vehicle damage and vehicle-related injuries. However, if your insured car is broken into and your possessions kept inside the car are stolen, you must know whether you are covered. This blog discusses the steps you should take in the event of theft inside

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Break These Dangerous Car Habits This Winter

Dangerous Car Habits to Avoid Making This Winter The weather outside is frightful, meaning that the mornings are freezing and the roads are slick. If you think that your vehicle is perpetually ready for the winter weather, you may be wrong. There are plenty of bad car habits that we get into as experienced drivers, but making some bad winter

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Driving Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Driving Tips for the Thanksgiving Holiday Whether you’re escaping the hustle and bustle for a luxury getaway or you’re heading to grandma’s, it’s likely that you’ll be driving to your destination. Unfortunately, so will millions of other drivers. Over Thanksgiving, the roads are often jam-packed, and traveling anywhere can be a nightmare. To make your journey an easy one, here

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How Does Crime Rate Impact My Auto Insurance Rate?

Crime Rate and Your Car Insurance Policy  Many people are surprised to discover that the crime rate can significantly impact your auto insurance on Long Island, NY even if you have, thankfully, never been a victim of car crime. When you’re looking for your next auto insurance policy, it’s wise to consider how the local crime rate impacts the price

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