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How Does Life Insurance Policy Work When Someone Passes?

When someone we love passes away, it can be difficult to think about the practicalities of dealing with the aftermath. However, there is a financial aspect to consider, and life insurance is one way to help ensure your loved one’s family is taken care of. This article will discuss how life insurance works when someone passes away and the steps

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How E-Cigarettes Affect Life Insurance Rates

Does Electronic Cigarette Smoking Impact My Life Insurance Coverage? Electronic cigarettes, commonly known as e-cigs, are one of the fastest-growing trends in the tobacco industry. While most e-cigarettes contain addictive nicotine and carcinogens, they are generally considered “safer” than cigarettes because they do not contain tobacco. Although they are booming on the market, there is little research behind them. Due

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3 Different Life Situations That Can Benefit From Life Insurance

Situations to Use Life Insurance  Life insurance is valuable for a wide variety of people, even if they haven’t even thought about getting coverage. It’s not just parents with children who need coverage, nor is it just for people who have a great deal of debt. Take a look at this list of people who might need life insurance on

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How to Budget for Life Insurance

Factor Life Insurance into Your Budget Believe it or not, but life insurance is often less expensive than people think. No matter your generation, whether you’re a Baby Boomer or millennial, people are constantly overestimating life insurance costs. Not only does life insurance provide valuable coverage for your family when you are gone, but it is often more affordable than

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When is the Right Age to Purchase Life Insurance?

The Right Time to Buy Life Insurance Life insurance is a type of coverage that many do not even think about until they absolutely have it. Many go years without securing coverage when they could benefit from the policy. Is there a right age to purchase life insurance in Long Island, NY? We take a look into when life insurance

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