How Life Insurance Can Benefit Women

Many of us realize the importance of life insurance, but research is finding that women are less likely to take out a life insurance policy than men are. Not only do fewer women than men have life insurance but the ones who do take out insurance have a death benefit that is well below that of men, around 22 percent less. Women are becoming dominant players in today’s American workforce. With many women in breadwinner or stay-at-home parent roles, it’s incredibly important to secure life insurance on Long Island, NY to protect their family’s finances. Check out just a few ways in which life insurance can benefit women.

  • Financial security for the family

For women with a family, particularly those who are the primary breadwinner, they should consider how their family will manage should they die suddenly. A life insurance policy can give peace of mind knowing that the finances are taken care of and financial obligations are met.

  • Ability to borrow against the cash value benefit

When you take out permanent life insurance, you start to build cash value which can be borrowed against. This can be particularly useful when your family needs access to immediate funds to pay off bills, finance a college education, start a business, or any other hurdles that may be met.

  • Taking care of elderly family members

The role of caregiver is familiar to many women. As you begin to approach middle-age, you may have elderly or disabled parents who need certain care. A life insurance policy gives you the security of knowing their care will continue after you are gone by adding them as a beneficiary to your life insurance.

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