Top Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

Car accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of death across the nation. Despite the fact that cars are safer than ever, they are still driven by human beings who, let’s face it, often have trouble maintaining basic safety practices. Fortunately, reliable auto insurance in Long Island, NY and practicing defensive driving skills can help to keep you and other drivers on the road safe. Read on for top defensive driving techniques.

  • Avoid Distractions

Most accidents on the road are caused by people who were distracted by something inside their car, whether it’s a conversation, the radio or their smartphone. Distracted driving is when you take your eyes, hands or focus off the road. Even if it’s just for a couple of seconds, you could quite easily collide with someone in front of you. Be aware of distractions and eliminate them as much as possible.

  • Leave a Safe Following Distance

Tailgating leads to rear-end collisions, there’s no doubt about it. Avoiding a rear-end collision is as simple as ensuring that you leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front. All you have to do is allow for at least two seconds of lead time. You should increase the distance between yourself the vehicle ahead in bad weather, poor road conditions, and in areas of low visibility.

  • Look Down the Road

A great defensive driving habit to get into is to scan the road ahead and behind you constantly. This way, you allow yourself enough time to react to traffic ahead, red traffic lights, and more. Don’t let your gaze become fixed on the car ahead of you.

  • Use Your Signals

Confusion is the enemy of safe driving. Make your lane changes and turns predictable and smooth. You want to ensure you always signal in advance so that other drivers can be aware of where you intend to move. Failure to alert other drivers can invalidate your insurance claim after an accident, which means you will be on the hook for all damage expenses.

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