Lesser-Known Facts About Life Insurance

The insurance industry is a mysterious one, and not a lot of people fully take the time to explore their options when it comes to policies. Although life insurance agents can be incredibly useful in explaining your choices and coverage, some may not be telling you the whole truth. We’ve unveiled a few lesser-known facts about life insurance on Long Island, NY that you may not have known.

Not everyone needs life insurance.

Although it’s true that most people can benefit from life insurance coverage, it would be wrong to say that absolutely everyone needs it. If you are married, have a house, spouse, and kids, it would be wise to purchase a policy. If you’re single, have no dependents, and have enough cash to cover remaining debts when you die, you may not need coverage. Talk to your insurance agent about if you need a life insurance policy.

Permanent life insurance isn’t right for everyone.

Permanent life insurance is coverage that stays with you for your entire life. Term life insurance is another possible policy to purchase and it only covers you for a certain amount of time. Although a term life insurance policy is usually less expensive, permanent coverage offers significant benefits as well as building up cash value.

You can buy too much life coverage.

Although buying more coverage than you need sounds like it can only help your family, it can put an unnecessary strain on your wallet. It’s a good idea to have enough coverage to pay off your mortgage as well as see to the needs of your dependents. Your life insurance agent should take your finances, lifestyle, and debts into consideration when evaluating your needs.

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