Driving in Icy Conditions? Check Out These Safety Tips

Driving in winter increases the risk of accidents due to wet and slippery roads. Ideally, you’ll have a choice not to drive in severe weather. However, if you do have to drive through snow and ice, make sure you take all precautionary measures and follow safety tips to avoid accidents and mishaps.

Tips to Drive Safely in Winter

Here are important safety tips to follow for driving in icy conditions:

  1. Recognize local forecast

    If you are new to New York, it’s a good idea to read up on daily weather forecasts. The change in seasons can sneak up on people and affect driving conditions. You can receive weather alerts on your smartphone for planning your daily trips.

  2. Be aware of other drivers

    Another important tip is to always be conscious of whom you share the road with. Don’t lose track of the cars ahead of you or behind you due to distractions such as your smartphone. Keep your eyes on the road at all times and keep a safe distance from large vehicles such as slow-moving tractor-trailers.

  3. Practice caution in all vehicle types

    Different vehicles behave differently in snow. Features such as four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive can help you travel more safely through the snow at normal speeds. When road conditions are ideal, it’s important to follow vehicles for at least three seconds, according to the National Safety Council. But during severe weather conditions, it’s wise to increase your distance behind vehicles.

  4. Know where to stop safely

    Not only should all drivers be conscious of other cars on the road, but they should also be conscious of their location while driving. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment while driving through snow, it’s best to wait in a safe spot and study a map. It’s usually safer to stop at a rest stop or parking lot rather than the side of the road.

  5. Expect changing road conditions

    During the winter, you should be prepared for changing road conditions. Without knowing the road conditions, you can get stuck with big repair bills if you become stranded in your vehicle during a snowstorm. That’s why it helps to always plan when driving in winter. You can also use Google Maps to check the conditions of the road.

  6. Encourage safe driving

    Safe driving is a good topic to bring up with family and friends around the holidays at the end of the year. It’s a worthwhile reminder that accidents tend to increase during the holiday season, especially in snowy climates. The best ways to practice safe driving are to follow traffic laws and watch out for reckless drivers. If you have children who are learning to drive, set a good example of safe driving behavior to follow.

Have a Safe Winter with Appropriate Auto Insurance at Premier Risk!

It’s best to wait for bad weather to go away before driving. However, if you absolutely must drive, at least make sure you have sufficient auto insurance. Furthermore, practicing these safety tips will help you drive with peace of mind. Also, the fewer accidents you get into, the better your chances at lower auto insurance rates. Contact us at Premier Risk, LLC today for more information on getting the right auto insurance in Long Island, NY.