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Driving in Icy Conditions? Check Out These Safety Tips

Driving in winter increases the risk of accidents due to wet and slippery roads. Ideally, you’ll have a choice not to drive in severe weather. However, if you do have to drive through snow and ice, make sure you take all precautionary measures and follow safety tips to avoid accidents and mishaps. Tips to Drive Safely in Winter Here are

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How Inspections Impact Your Car Insurance Premiums

In most cases, auto insurance companies work with inspection agencies to finalize insurance rates for drivers. The inspection services provide insurers with access to photos from a car inspection they performed. Insurance companies use photo inspections to assess the status of different vehicles and to adjust coverages or finalize claims. Are Inspections Required to Obtain Car Insurance? Some insurance companies

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How to Find Insurance for Old Vehicles in NY

Finding auto insurance in NY can be a difficult process. Things become even more complicated when you are looking for car insurance for an old vehicle. While you might feel that having an old car is a disadvantage, there are a few things that you can do to find a good auto insurance policy, even if you have a vehicle

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The Role of Encrypted Emails in Protecting PII

Email message encryption isn’t just a vital cybersecurity measure. It may be required by law in the case of electronic mail containing personally identifiable information (PII), and there’s a good reason for it. When you send any email, it usually traverses multiple computers before it reaches the recipient’s workstation. The message is dangerously exposed to the prying eyes of hackers

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What You Should Know When Filing a Car Insurance Claim

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, you must be well aware of the stress and confusion that follows. While this period might be stressful, you can rest assured that filing a car insurance claim will help you recover from the damage. The right insurance partner can offer you sound advice that can ease the recovery process. Having

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What is the Good Driver Discount? How Do I Get It?

Do you consider yourself a good driver? You aren’t alone if you’d rate yourself with above-average driving skills. But what does being a good driver mean? Well, insurers have their own definition. Generally, you’re a good driver if you’ve been accident-free and violation-free for three to five years. While this is a great achievement, you can also benefit from this

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Break These Dangerous Car Habits This Winter

Dangerous Car Habits to Avoid Making This Winter The weather outside is frightful, meaning that the mornings are freezing and the roads are slick. If you think that your vehicle is perpetually ready for the winter weather, you may be wrong. There are plenty of bad car habits that we get into as experienced drivers, but making some bad winter

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Driving Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Driving Tips for the Thanksgiving Holiday Whether you’re escaping the hustle and bustle for a luxury getaway or you’re heading to grandma’s, it’s likely that you’ll be driving to your destination. Unfortunately, so will millions of other drivers. Over Thanksgiving, the roads are often jam-packed, and traveling anywhere can be a nightmare. To make your journey an easy one, here

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My Car Has Been Recalled – Now What?

Here’s What to Do When Your Vehicle Has Been Recalled We’ve all been there – the dreaded envelope slips through the door saying that our vehicle has been recalled. When you depend on your vehicle every day, it can be disconcerting when you learn about a safety issue. Knowing what your options are and what steps you should take may

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