What is the Good Driver Discount? How Do I Get It?

Do you consider yourself a good driver? You aren’t alone if you’d rate yourself with above-average driving skills. But what does being a good driver mean? Well, insurers have their own definition. Generally, you’re a good driver if you’ve been accident-free and violation-free for three to five years. While this is a great achievement, you can also benefit from this by saving on your auto insurance in Long Island, NY.  

Securing a Good Driver Discount

What is a good driver discount?

Most insurers offer a good driver discount. The discount usually splits into two forms:

  • The accident-free discount customers get lower rates if they reach a certain number of years without an accident.
  • The violation-free discount is available for drivers who haven’t had any major violations for a set number of years.

Depending on the company, they offer one or both.

How do I get it?

If you’re curious about the discount, ask your insurance agent to see if you already have the discount applied or how you can get it to cut down your premium price. You can also ask about it if you’re considering switching insurance companies and you’re shopping around for rates.

How to keep the good driver discount?

Once you have the discount added to your policy, there are measures you can take to keep it. Taking a defensive driving course is an easy way to improve your driving skills and positively impact your auto insurance policy. The course will teach you safe driving techniques for preventing car accidents. It’s also worth driving defensively, such as leaving plenty of space between your vehicle and the car in front and sticking to the speed limit.

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