Protect Your Home this Winter with These Safety Precautions

The winter is a season of festivities and fun. While this a season of joy for many of us, winter brings unique hazards to homeowners. From fires to frost and much more, there are some risks that all homeowners need to be aware of how to counteract. Along with these tips and reliable homeowners insurance in Long Island, NY, take a look at how to avoid common winter home hazards.

Fire Risk

Winter means that we’re stoking up the fire, lighting festive candles, and stringing up lights. Unfortunately, all of these come with a certain amount of risk. To combat this, make sure that you keep candles out of reach of children, extinguish them before leaving the house or going to sleep, have the chimney cleaned and inspected, and use safe holiday lights.

Slippery Slopes

Cooler temperatures mean snow and ice for New Yorkers. Did you know that if someone slips and falls on your property, you could be held accountable? If this is the case, the individual could make sure that you cover their medical expenses and lost wages. If they file a suit, you could be looking at legal fees, too. Homeowners insurance helps to cover these costs. However, you can reduce the chance of this even happening by clearing your driveway and paths of snow, and scattering salt or cat litter to improve traction.

Frozen Pipes

Water expands when it turns to ice. If your home’s pipes aren’t ready for winter, your pipes could end up bursting if the temperature drops suddenly. Make sure you insulate your pipes so that they are ready for cooler temperatures and you can avoid cracks and leaks in the pipes that could flood your kitchen or bathroom.

While you’re preparing your home for winter, take a closer look at your home insurance policy to ensure you have the needed coverage for the season ahead. For the right coverage for your property and needs, contact Premier Risk Insurance today.