Security Tips to Consider for Your Home

Every homeowner wants to do their best to protect their property. From locking the doors at night to installing motion-sensitive lights to securing home insurance on Long Island, NY, there are plenty of solutions to ramp up your home security. There are a few extra tips you can follow that help you to stay one step ahead of thieves. Here are a few below.

Keep your spare car key in your nightstand

Hear a strange noise in the night? Simply grab your spare car key from the nightstand and hit the panic button. It will trigger your car’s alarm that will most likely ward off lurking thieves that are taking advantage of low visibility in the night.

Get a door without a letterbox

A letterbox is a seemingly harmless home feature, but it can pose as a threat now that thieves are getting smarter with tools and gadgets. Letterboxes also weaken the integrity of a door, making it a security risk to your home. Look at choosing a door without a built-in letterbox and, instead, opt for an exterior mailbox fitted next to the door itself.

Pack the car in the morning

It’s tempting to pack up the car the night before a big trip, but doing so indicates to potential thieves that your home will soon be unoccupied for some time. Instead, stack your bags by the front door the night before and pack the car in the morning. While you’re at it, consider leaving a light on and avoid positing about your activity on social media before or during your break. Before you leave for vacation, take a look at how best to protect your home.

Your homeowners insurance can help you should the worst happen. From a burst water pipe to theft, your home insurance protects your property. Do you need help reading or securing the right homeowners insurance for your needs? Contact the team at Premier Risk, LLC to get started! We serve Long Island and neighboring cities in New York.