Compelling Reasons to Buy Insurance from an Independent Agency

When you’re looking for insurance coverage, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options. You can go online and purchase coverage for yourself or you can contact a captive agent or an independent insurance agent. You might ask, “Does it really matter?” In short, yes. Buying insurance in Long Island, NY isn’t like a trip to the grocery store – Your insurance decisions can truly affect your life, family, and finances. Take a look at why you should always buy from an independent insurance agency.

  • They are not tied to one insurance company.

Unlike captive agents, independent insurance agencies work for you rather than an insurance carrier. Captive agents have a limited range of policies they can offer you, whereas an independent insurance agent is not limited to one insurance carrier. Because of this, they can find more suitable coverage for your needs.

  • You develop a personal relationship

An independent agent wants to protect your assets as much as possible, which is why they take the time to get to know your needs, budget, and goals. They can then find the best insurance coverage and company for your needs. They will also help you to review coverage, stay on top of discounts, and price-compare policies when necessary.

  • They offer a one-stop-shop

One independent insurance agency offers many plans through many companies, meaning that they can help you with your auto, home, business, life, and umbrella insurance. This service is a time-saver in a world where time is a precious resource.

Are you ready to find reliable insurance through your local independent insurance agency? Contact Premier Risk Insurance, serving New York residents with their insurance needs.