Tips for Avoiding Common Workers’ Compensation Pitfalls

Avoid Making These Common Workers’ Compensation Mistakes 

The workers’ compensation claim process can be a complex one, particularly if you are trying to file your case without the help of a professional. There are several mistakes a business owner can make after an employee was injured on the job. Even though you may just want to get the claim filed and the issue resolved as soon as possible, it’s important that you avoid making mistakes that could hurt your business in the long run. Take a look at these common mistakes  – and how to avoid them.

  • Failing to document the incident

Even if it was a minor fall, it’s important to document the incident well in case the employee later decides to file a claim. Documenting incidents allows you to identify which workplace processes or tasks cause the most injuries and it ensures that you have necessary documents on hand if they are needed for future use.

  • Not securing witness statements

If an employee claims they have been injured on the job, it’s critical that you secure statements from those who witnessed the incident. All witnesses should be documents and their statements written up so that you have a couple of different views of what happened. This enables you to corroborate the injured employee’s story and could reveal inaccuracies in their account.

  • Not working with your claims adjuster

If your insurance provider sends a claims adjuster to investigate your claim, aim to be transparent and helpful at all times. This means offering documentation of the incident, statements from the employee and eyewitnesses, and anything else they may need to resolve the case. Remember that this person is there to ensure the claim is dealt with efficiently, and working with him/her can help return your business to normality. 

Make sure that your business is ready to handle any workers’ compensation claim. In addition, invest in quality commercial insurance so that your business stays well protected. The team at Premier Risk Insurance serve Long Island and neighboring cities in New York – Contact us to get started today.