Tips to Give Your Home a Fresh Start for the New Year

Ways to Give Yourself  a Fresh  Start for 2019 

Welcome to 2019! The New Year is here, and many of us are already planning our resolutions and setting ourselves goals. One of the best ways to get yourself in the mindset for the New Year is to give your home a refresh. Breathing new life into your property can set you up for a successful year. To help, take a look at these tips.

Deep clean. Nothing quite compares to giving your home a deep clean. Move room by room, and work from ceilings to the floor. Remember to move furniture and appliances away from the wall to clean behind them.

Declutter. Now is the time to make room for all of your lovely new gifts that you received over the festive period. Declutter your closets, cupboards, and worktops, making piles of items that you need to donate, throw away, or recycle.

Empty out your fridge and pantry. Hit the reset button on your kitchen. Purge all the food that you know you won’t eat and that which is expired. Wipe down the shelves in your fridge, dust the pantry, and organize your spices.

Switch things up. Start of each year with a change – big or small. Make changes to your property to welcome in new life. Either rearrange your furniture, switch up the décor, or try a new paint color for the living room.

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