Top 4 Preventable Home Insurance Claims

The Most Preventable Home Insurance Claims

Homeowners often believe that homeowners insurance claims only occur when they are major disasters because of Mother Nature. Although it’s true that storms and hurricanes account for some claims, most home insurance claims can be entirely preventable by the homeowner. Take a look at some of the top preventable claims for homeowners insurance on Long Island, NY.

Roof Leaks and Collapses

A roof is a home’s first point of contact with weather conditions, yet it is often neglected by homeowners. It’s important to check the roof regularly to ensure there are no damaged shingles, missing shingles, or leaks in the attic. Basic roof maintenance, such as cleaning the gutters and replacing shingles, is the best way to prevent a leak and further damage in the home.

Electrical Fires

Cords under throw rugs and baseboard heaters are the greatest sources of electrical fires. Be sure to reroute cords around rugs and use certified power strips. Don’t place furniture against baseboard heaters, too. It’s a good idea to have all appliances professionally installed.

Cooking and Candles Fires

Second only to water damage, fire devastation is a common source of homeowners insurance claims. Cooking equipment is the leading cause of home fire injuries. Take extra care when cooking in the kitchen, place candles out of reach of children and pets, and monitor all open flames carefully.

Washing Machine Leaks

The rubber hoses attached to a washing machine will eventually dry out, crack, and leak. Water damage caused by a cracked hose will usually go undetected until there is a large problem – mainly because they are often situated in low-traffic areas of the house. It’s recommended to replace rubber hoses every three years or replace the rubber with metal mesh hoses from hardware stores.

From water damage to fire damage, your home insurance protects your property. Do you need help reading or securing the right homeowners insurance for your needs? Contact the team at Premier Risk, LLC to get started! We serve Long Island and neighboring cities in New York.